QRC Coaching Academy

The Swedish NQR comprise a great resource for quality improvement and QRC strives to support local improvement work using NQR and is thus developing the QRC Coaching Academy. Starting in 2013, QRC in partnership with The Dartmouth Institute Microsystem Academy invited clinical teams and NQR to take part in a quality improvement program based on the eCoach-The-Coach model from the Dartmouth Institute Microsystem Academy, https://clinicalmicrosystem.org/

A central part of the work has been to support and cultivate improvement capability of the team coach in training, and the frontline team and the involved leader for health care delivery. QRC cooperates with The Dartmouth Institute Microsystem Academy on;

  • Education and training of team coaches and leaders in health care
  • Research on team coaching to support improvements in health care
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement of the team coaching model
  • Endorsement by The Dartmouth Institute Microsystem Academy anticipated in 2017.

Until now 52 improvement coaches, 21 leaders and 35 activated improvement teams have been engaged in quality improvement. A total of 17 NQRs have been used as tools in their improvement work.

The overall strategy for the QRC Coaching Academy is to cultivate improvement capability of everyone at the frontlines of health care delivery through:

  • Supporting the team coaches to develop their multidisciplinary clinical teams to conduct quality improvement
  • Developing leadership knowledge, skills and abilities to create conditions for success, to lead and support frontline improvement teams
  • Activating frontline improvement teams to higher levels of awareness of system thinking, to enable provision of care and quality improvement simultaneously
  • Utilizing NQR as important tools for quality improvement at all levels in the clinical organizations, using relevant measures for evaluation of improvement interventions

Overall, the QRC Coaching Academy program has resulted in measurably improved health care outcomes for patients in Sweden and aims to sustain and spread such results as part of the QRC vision to improve individual health.

Contact: susanna.lagersten@sll.se